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22 Free Excel Dashboard Templates

Free Tool. NET Co Library. OzGrid Workbook Downloads. Balance Wiz: Download Now. Fill Down: Download Now. Password Remover. Download Workbook example that comes with MS Excel. Just click here to get it. You will need Excel or higher It may work in earlier versions of Excel, though we have not tested it on any versions before Excel Full Credit To: Eric from everydollarmatters for both the 2 above.

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Creating An Excel Dashboard (Explained with Examples & Templates)

Two Excel add-ins and one Excel Workbook. UChicago web site for Simtools and Formlist. Details to print Download. Full credit to Roger B. Full credit to Laurent Longre.

Download Functions Download Examples. Automatic Install bpmTraverse.Excel dashboards help save time in tracking the essential KPIs of your organization. Got a different version? No problem, you can still follow the exact same steps. An Excel dashboard is a place where you can have a quickview of the key performance indicators in one place.

Dashboards usually fall into one of these three 3 types:. They do it by tracking performance related to key performance indicators and help you better understand them. This type of dashboard focuses on helping you compare data from the past to identify trends, spikes, and drops. By design, analytical dashboards are interactive since they have lots of pivot tables and drill-downs.

To date, operational dashboards are the most common type. With that in mind, let us show you the 7 best free and paid Excel dashboard templates you can find online:.

This sales dashboard lets you keep track of the cost per item, percent markup, total revenue, and total profit. Perhaps you need a more robust sales dashboard?

The vast amount of sales data you can add in this dashboard is a real deal. Do you need a production KPI dashboard? Their dashboard template shows KPIs related to production like revenue, profit, efficiencyand turnover rate. For a price, you get to record and track 28 manufacturing key performance indicators.

You can track sales revenue and analyze business growth through product and sales rep statistics. This dashboard has 15 charts which automatically update based on the chosen region and month. Do you need a project management dashboard?

Excel makes computations and analysis easy. Excel dashboards make it easier by showing the most important information on a single page. Kasper LangmannCo-founder of Spreadsheeto. Table of Content. Advantages of Excel Dashboards. Template 1: Online Sales Tracker. Wrapping things up…. Dashboards usually fall into one of these three 3 types: 1.Standard Microsoft Excel already offers many functions and features.

But sometimes you need to accomplish special tasks, where you are missing some features.

free excel dashboard add in

Be Sure to turn your Macros, so that the Addins will work. Find all free Add-ins for Excel below. Since it has grown to become probably one of the world's most popular add-ins for MS Excel. You can download this Add in here.

free excel dashboard add in

Here you can find an incredible Excel Dashboard Widgets. These dashboard widgets enable you to create an at-a-glance picture of key business performance metrics e. This widget is free for download. If you like to customize this widget a free registration is needed.

You can download this Widget here. The free Cells Assistant add-in for Excel is an add-in that enriches the built-in Special Cells dialog and simplifies access to other functionality of Microsoft Excel.

The free Trim Spaces add-in helps you to remove leading and trailing spaces in the selected cells. You can use this tool, but we would recommend to for ASAP Utilities, because this function is already included. Tinygraphs is a free open source add-in for MS Excel, which creates Microcharts. If you are still using older Microsoft versions with no Micro chart support, than this is definitely the plugin you should download. You can download this plug-in on this site.

This little Addin removes duplicates in your list. Unfortunately the menu is in german language. You can download this plugin on office.An Excel Dashboard can be an amazing tool when it comes to tracking KPIs, comparing data points, and getting data-backed views that can help management make decisions.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an Excel dashboard, best practices to follow while creating one, features and tools you can use in Excel, things to avoid at all costs, and recommended training material. An Excel dashboard is one-pager mostly, but not always necessary that helps managers and business leaders in tracking key KPIs or metrics and take a decision based on it.

free excel dashboard add in

Creating an Excel Dashboard is a multi-step process and there are some key things you need to keep in mind when creating it. Below are some of the questions you must have answered before you start building an Excel Dashboard:. The first thing to do as soon as you get the data or even before getting the datais to get clarity on what your stakeholder wants.

Be clear on what purpose the dashboard needs to serve. Is it to track KPIs just one time, or on a regular basis? Does it need to track the KPIs for the whole company or division-wise?.

free excel dashboard add in

Asking the right questions would help you understand what data you need and how to design the dashboard. Always know where the data comes from and in what format. In one of my projects, the data was provided as PDF files in the Spanish language. This completely changed the scope and most of our time was sucked up in manually culling the data. Here are the questions you should ask: Who owns the data? In what format will you get the data? How frequently does the data update?

A manager would probably only be interested in the insights your dashboard provides, however, some data analysts in his team may need a more detailed view. Based on who uses your dashboard, you need to structure the data and the final output. If your dashboards are to be updated weekly or monthly, you are better off creating a plug-and-play model where you simply copy-paste the data and it would automatically update.

I once created a dashboard only to know that my stakeholder was using Excel Once you have a good idea of what you need to create, the next steps are to get your hands on the data and getting it in Excel.

Your life is easy when your client gives you Data in Excel, however, if that is not the case, you need to figure out an efficient way to get it in Excel. If you have access to a database that stores the data, you can create a connection and update it indirectly.

For example, you may need to get rid of leading, trailing, or double spacesfind and remove duplicatesremove blanks and errors, and so on. In some cases, you may even need to restructure data for example say you need to create a Pivot table. Once you have the data in Excel, you will know exactly what you can and can not use in your Excel dashboard. As a best practice, I create a simple outline in PowerPoint along with additional notes. As a best practice, divide your Excel workbook into three parts these are the worksheets that I create with the same name :.

The first thing I do with the raw data is to convert it into an Excel Table. To convert tabular data into an Excel table, select the data and go to the Insert tab and click on the Table icon. There are many interactive tools that you can use to make your Excel dashboard dynamic and user-friendly. Charts not only make your Excel dashboard visually appealing but also make it easy to consume and interpret.

You can browse through some of my charting tutorials here. Also, if you want to get more advanced in Excel charting, I recommend you visit the blog by Excel charting expert Jon Peltier. Here are some of the things I recommend you avoid while creating an Excel dashboard. Again these would vary based on your project and stakeholder but are valid in most of the cases.

Want to create professional dashboards in Excel? Click here to download this KPI Dashboard.Dashboards are reporting tools meant to help managers make business decisions. They provide an overview of a situation or activity to understand the key results, trends and attention points. Dashboards are usually updated on a regular basis. If you happen to build Excel dashboard, this post will provide you with valuable design principles and many tips and tricks to make absolutely impressive dashboards.

What does a good dashboard look like? Rule 1: make it visually appealing. Managers and decision-makers need to be able to understand the key messages almost instantly. Rule 2: make it highly dynamic. This will allow managers to easily play with it and dig in your data. You don't want to have to say "I don't know" when your manager asks you for the statistics for a specific country or product.

Rule 3: make it very easy to update. You don't want to spend hours or days every week or month to update your dashboard, you want it to be almost instantaneous, right?

Preliminary step: define your KPIs and data sources. Quite obviously, the first thing you need to know before creating a dashboard is to know why. You have to ask yourself the key questions: what do you want to show?

Pivot Table with Progress Chart and Dashboard

Discuss the expectations with every stakeholder to agree on the content of the dashboard before you create it. Also, you will have to investigate where to find the data for it. The structure: design your dashboard around 4 types of sheets. There are 4 different types of sheets you will need for a dashboard:.

Data source sheets contains in a database format the raw data and your calculated columns. Reference tables sheets give you the conversion rules between raw data and calculated columns e. PivotTables sheets aggregate your database to prepare them for visualization. The Dashboard sheet is the only sheet needed for visualization and it is where you will have your charts that's where people are going to say "whaaa, amazing dashboard".

These 4 types of sheets have really different roles. You can use a color scheme to quickly show the function for each sheet, in particular if you have multiple data source sheets or PivotTable sheets. You might indeed have several sheets of each type depending on your dashboard, but each sheet will fall into one of these four categories.

Now let's see how to build each of these worksheets to create a great Excel dashboard. Data sources. Data sources sheets host the data from which the dashboard is created.The following article will show you some of the rules behind creating informative and visually effective Excel Dashboards. The site has lots of free Excel Dashboard Templates.

The Excel dashboard section of TheSmallman has lots of Excel dashboard templates for you to download and use with your own data.

The goal of the site is to create a visual hub for Excel dashboard design with a range of different dashboards, from financial, to organisational and KPI dashboards. The first part of the article deals with the theory of Excel dashboard design, with some pictorial examples of Excel dashboards I have created for CPA Australia. Next, there are links to pages on the site with a range of Excel dashboard examples - templates for you to take away.

An Excel dashboard is a one page summary that contains important information which allows you to analyse your subject. The art of creating stylish Excel dashboards is not an easy one to master. I will admit I have made my share of mistakes in Excel dashboard creation but I hope I am learning and improving the quality of information and appearance at the same time.

There are a great many Excel dashboard examples on this site and it has taken a considerable amount of time to compile them so you should not have to. I hope you find the Excel dashboard example you are looking for. The following outlines some key Excel dashboard design rules. Simple use of colours, clean design which is easily read.

There are some key things to consider when creating an Excel dashboard. Excel dashboards should ideally be. Excel dashboards are a very valuable corporate tool when created with forethought. An organisation can see all of the key information in one place and see how it is tracking against the key criteria. The following are some examples of Excel dashboards which I have put together.

The information in these Excel dashboards is not real, it is for demonstration purposes only. After going through the exercise of creating all of these Excel dashboards I can say one thing with complete certainty, making Excel dashboards is a lot of work but very worthwhile when you see the final working result.

One of the issues with developing the following Excel dashboards is obtaining the data.

50 Best Excel Add-Ins That Will Make Your Life Easier

I would scratch my head as I started creating the raw data from scratch early on. Later I got a bit smarter and found that wiki and some government websites had ready made tables which were Excel compatible. I then just needed to sketch out a final output dashboard and work backwards to make the data fit that vision. Many of the techniques spoken about in the site which I have incorporated on TheSmallman.

There are a couple of exceptions when you get down to the Heat Map section but mostly native Excel run these dashboards. The following are the site's current Excel dashboards to download. I will be creating more and more Excel dashboards and these dashboards will be free to download.Updated: Jan Microsoft Excel is by far the most used application for data analysis.

Mastering Excel is a must-have skill in many companies. It can also be a huge time-saver: an Excel master can be tens or hundreds of times more productive than a beginner.

In this post, we list and describe over 75 add-ins, plugins and apps that complement Microsoft Excel with additional features and options to be even more productive and impress with your abilities with Excel.

Some of them are free and some are not, but each of them perform tasks that can greatly help you becoming an Excel rock star. It has dozens of impressive features designed for anyone who use the Office Suite on a frequent basis:.

Tools to clean your data from merged cells, remove empty cells or simplify formulas. Click to watch the demo video of Power-user:. You have to start by connecting it to your data. Tableau claims its software is one of the fastest on the market; a well-created Tableau report should allow to quickly filter or zoom on part of the data to answer a specific question.

Tableau is available on both Windows and iOS. Some of your data can be linked between Excel and your accounting system. Excel Stock Market Functions is available on Windows only. The cons of this add-in is that is has a lot of features, but a large numbers of them you will probably never use. The pros is that several tools can be really useful, such as the possibility to paste data only to visible cells, to count cells by colors or to combine sheets.

Basically, PowerPivot could be described as "Microsoft Access for dummies". Since ExcelPowerPivot is built-in and doesn't need to be downloaded. You can activate it like any add-in. For prior versions of Excel, you need to download it from the Microsoft website. GL stands for the accounting term General Ledger. Using XLGL, you can use formulas to work with updated data on customer orders, employee hours, inventories, etc. For instance, you can leave comments or questions for analysts to take into account later, or you can deconstruct Excel formulas to track errors or components.

Analystix Tools works on Excel and later on PC. It is provided on every computer using Excel and later, Mac or PC. You just need to load the add-in. It can be used for what-if analysis, to find optimal value for a formula in a cell under constraints limiting other formula cells. Basically, the Solver will determine the maximum or minimum value that a formula can take while changing several other cells.

Power Query requires Excel or on Windows. Time series can be inserted into Excel with a few clicks, and you can then automatically calculate growth rate or change the data frequency. You can even refresh your spreadsheet with the most up to date data and see your entire dashboard adapt to it. Functions cover cumulative probability, correlations among random variables, decision analysis, analyzing discrete probability distributions, regression analysis, or random generation of discrete distributions.

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